how it works

intelligent water management

the following functions and tools are currently available:

intelligent operations (resource-oriented)
decision taking due to modern Data analytics

functions & tools for intelligent water management

visualisation of urban water

  • integration of existing data, cartography and hydraulic model
  • GIS-Environment, hydraulic schema of water network center
  • infrastructure-elements, pictures, documents
  • administration and analysis of measurement data and simulated time series
  • operational pictures
  • points of present (POP) of measurement data sensors

real-time monitoring of urban water

  • geographically localised threshold warnings
  • automated warnings of water supply interruptions
  • classification of warnings
  • analysis of data quality and data availability
  • recognition/categorisation of data anomalies
  • confirmation of the integrity of the raw and aggregated data

intelligent operations for urban water management

  • simulations of more efficient operational strategies (using A.I.)
  • pattern-based simulation modelling using tangible business rules
  • user-oriented simulation of scenarios
  • using real-time data sources for realistic scenarios

CCC for uninterruptable water provision

  • KPI role-based dashboards
  • local indicators for calculation of non-revenue water
  • hydrological malancing-model (bypass after interruptions by using different sectors (speaking «resilience» this belongs to a flexible and redundant approach)